5 Statistics You Should Know Before You Purchase Your Printer


it-professional11Business management is a world of facts and figures. So why should you base your decision to purchase a printer on unknowns? Before you make the decision to purchase a printer, know these five statistics and costs so you can determine the lifetime cost of your next printer:

  1. Cost of printer. The cost of a printer sounds simple, but there are a few factors that should be included in the purchase decision. The total expense of ink and toner cartridges, savings from increased productivity, cost of paper and printing supplies, price-per-copy and expected life span of the printer should be factored into your decision.
  2. Price-per-copy. Depending on the model of printer, the printer service company representative should be able to give you the price-per-copy for color and black-and-white copies. Use the information to determine savings compared to your current unit, as well as the cost of the new unit over the lifetime of the machine.
  3. Cost of printer cartridges. To know the total cost of toner or ink cartridges for your new printer, know your options:
  • Manufacturer or OEM toner cartridges are made by the original manufacturer for the specific model printer. Though the cartridges are a perfect fit for the printer, manufacturer or OEM toner cartridges cost more per unit, meaning a higher total printing expense over the life of your printer.
  • Compatible cartridges are manufactured by a separate entity based on the original manufacturer’s design. Though priced lower, to be competitive, sometimes the quality of both the cartridge and toner suffers so be selective about the remanufactured cartridge you choose.  The lowest price toner or ink cartridge option is not always the most cost effective.  When buying remanufactured products, look for STMC (Standard Test Methods Committee) certification.  This certification guarantees the cartridge will work at the same specifications as the original manufacturer.  These cartridges are 100% remanufactured each and every time.  This means that every component in the cartridge with the exception of the outer shell is replaced. These cartridges can also be purchased in bulk at a discounted cost. Contact Laser Tech to find out more.
  1. Defect rate of printer cartridges. Manufacturer or OEM toner cartridges have a defect rate of between 1% and 3% with an average warranty of 60 days. Laser Tech Systems sells STMC Certified remanufactured toner with less than 1% defect rate.
  2. Warranty & guarantee terms. Know the warranty and guarantee terms of your printer to avoid future issues—as well as the terms of the printer cartridges. For example, Laser Tech Systems remanufactured cartridges come with 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to one year of purchase until empty.

Before you turn that purchase order into your accounting department, contact Laser Tech Systems for reports and information about your next printer and printer cartridges. A simple inquiry can save your business significantly over the life of your printer, and you’ll know how much based on solid numbers and statistics.

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